Become the light you were born to be

“Our viewpoints, beliefs, attitudes and responses make up the foundations and frameworks for our lives and inform how and what we create – even what we are able to create. This causes us to feel empowered in some areas and disempowered in others.”

ClearFlame is a powerful and inspiring set of tools to take charge of your life and transform your life template.  Since everyone has a unique template and mental emotional framework for their life created by these beliefs and viewpoints, everyone’s experience of the ClearFlame training will be different. Your exploration will be uniquely yours, just as your life is a unique expression of your beliefs.

What is the ClearFlame Training?

ClearFlame offers easy, accessible, empowering and fun tools allowing anyone in any life situation the freedom to orchestrate their life the way they want it to be. Using the these tools can transform anything in your life. You will learn ways to draw into your life what you desire and ways to dissolve what no longer serves you.

The ClearFlame Training is about creating the life you want and living the light you were born to be by re-evaluating and changing the belief structures that are operating your life. Any place where you feel at the effect of circumstances, ClearFlame gives you ways to step into your own power. It is as if you shift from being a passenger or sitting in the back seat of a car to becoming the driver and deciding where to go next.

What will I learn about myself?

Participating in the ClearFlame Training gives you opportunities to discover the foundations that your life is currently built on and gives you the insights and tools for change. In this training we invite you to explore the principles of creation and gain a greater understanding of how the mechanics of life actually work, thus enabling you to move into full power and creativity in your unique universe.

ClearFlame allows you to move into full authority for your life and take responsibility for everything that is already manifested. It gives you ways to completely transform your life.

Listen to an interview with Kisha and Ghata: ClearFlame interview

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